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5 Ways to Look Great in Casual Wear – Brighton Street Style

Guest Post by Claire Austin

Young men who are in their late teens or early twenties can’t stick to custom suits and imported silk ties, while they look good they are too formal for them. You won’t go suited booted for socializing with young men of your age.

So what should you wear? Wearing casual dresses and adding new looks to it by experimenting with new styles will make you look stylish without looking stuffy.

This article will discuss five valuable style tips with you to look great in your casual wear.

1. Analyze your wardrobe

A varied wardrobe is a young man’s friend. The most basic staples that your wardrobe must possess and you can wear them casually but in a stylish manner are as follows;

  • T-Shirts- Swap your T-Shirts with polo shirts, Breton tops and other distinct styles.
  • Blue jeans- Replace your blue jeans with dark colored and close fitting jeans.
  • Coats- keep your coats for the winter season. For spring add blazers and jackets to your wardrobe.
  • Sneakers- replace them with some leather shoes, wingtips or loafers.

2. Items that you should own

  • Leather jackets- it is a good casual option that can add style to any outfit. It gives you a distinct style when paired up with dark colored denim jeans.
  • Pea coats- they give you a sharp look and can be paired up by both casual and more formal outfits.
  • Duffle coats- they are a unique classic campus wear that can always give young men a stylish look.

3. Trousers and pants

Most people confuse trousers with colored or patterned cotton slacks. Everything from houndstooth to plain gray flannel looks good when paired with a casual jacket.

  • Grey flannel trousers- these trousers are a must have item. They can give you a look of more conservative dressed up individual. Pair it with a dress shirt and a blazer and you are all set for an office job.
  • Fitted jeans- loose jeans never look good on young men. Proper fitted, dark colored jeans when paired up with a good looking casual sports jacket give you a stylish look and attract positive visual attention.


4. Shirts and tops:

  • Dress shirts- they are must to have item for the formal occasions. Opt for white or light colored shirts. Check and stripes look good too.
  • Casual collar shirts-  these shirts have the same cut as those of dress shirts but they have bold patterns that make them suitable to wear with majority of outfits
  • Polo shirts- they are useful in warm weathers. You need to own a white, solid dark and a striped polo shirt.


5. Foot wear:

It is the most important element that gives a well-dressed look. You need to be careful in choosing your shoes.

  • Leather shoes- good quality leather shoes are a strong style icon. They pair up with everything from pants to jeans.
  • Canvas sneakers- a pair of colored sneakers when pulled together with odd trousers and a blazer gives a stylish casual look perfect for concerts or night clubs.

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Claire Austin

Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂

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