Mod Dad – Street Style in Brighton

Mod Dad

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Mod Dad – Street Style in Brighton

Mod Dad we salute you!! He has got layering locked down in this outfit all with some great colours involved. While looking out for Street Style we look for personality and by mixing up colours and layers you can express that! This look works because although the colours are different they are similar tones. Plus that coat would make any outfit great.  Lads take note of Mod Dad, he did have a lovely lady on his arm when we stopped him!

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4 Comments on “Mod Dad – Street Style in Brighton”

  1. Love the layered look. Here in the tropics is almost a act of insanity. I like the visual appeal of your site. Your niche is very original and fresh.

  2. I love this casual style. The color choices are bold but the overall effect is just confident comfort! I especially love the orange cardigan sweater. This outfit just looks so very “brit” to my American eye, just what I would expect to see on the streets of Brighto.

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