About Us



We are Brighton Street Style and we love 2 things ‘Brighton’ and its ‘unique stylish people’. We felt that the street style found in Brighton is some of the best in the UK, its forward thinking, individualistic and and trendsetting and someone needs to document it. So we stepped up to the plate!

We are two fashion followers who have not been to Fashion Uni, not worked in the industry or really know anyone in the Fashion business. We just know what looks good, what’s cool and who has style from doing our own thing and exploring fashion ourselves. This means that we aim to keep it real and not let the elitism of fashion cloud our judgement in documenting the culture and fashion in Brighton.

We aim to give you an insight into what is happening on the streets in Brighton and help you find the outfits on the net so you don’t have to. We will also be documenting trends that we see developing and have the Top 3 looks of the month.


Jonny and Will


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