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Brighton Life – GAY – GREEN – VEGETARIAN

Apparently, these are the 3 groups of Brightonians – so sayeth a tour guide overheard when walking past the Town Hall yesterday.
As an honorary Brightonian (5 years counting), I instantly considered which group I belonged to…

GAY – Despite my best efforts, I’m not. Although, after a drunken fumble in Club Revenge toilets last year, I spent two weeks persuading myself that I was gay (the hetero dating pool in BN1 is often really lacking).

GREEN – I recycle, but I’m not a cert member of Green Peace.

VEGETARIAN – I really love sausage (see point 1).

So, despite not fitting in the groupings myself (to be fair, I think the guide went on to discuss more) – it did get me thinking how the diverse people of Brighton impact the fashion here. I can think of about 12 more ‘groups’ off the top of my head – and loads more beyond that if you get really down to the nitty gritty (budding social anthropologist over here).

This post did begin as a sort of round up of Brighton’s style – I was hoping to succinctly sum up why people in Brighton are ‘cool’. But I didn’t get very far. It’s impossible. How do you find a common thread between these two?

Retro Street Style  Street Style - Dapper Dan Workwear Casual Summer Outfit Vintage Couple Street Style - Winter Fur

What I did come to is the overriding theme, and reason that so many visit and love our great city is the fact that (drum roll)……

Anything goes!

And I mean literally anything goes – and that’s because everyone is welcome here. You only need to take a quick flick through the street style pictures to see just how fantastically diverse Brighton’s people are. It’s this cultural diversity that has created a tolerant and creative atmosphere.

So, If i was to coin a motto for Brighton Style it would be:

“Wear what you want. Do what you want – just don’t be a dick, yeah?”

Written by: Harriet Malina-Derben

Author: Will