We travelled up the M23 to catch up with the girls behind Dirty $outh Clothing, the brand that’s been tipped to be the next big thing.

dirty south brighton street style

What is dirty south all about?

Dirty $outh is a collective of young creatives who found passion and inspiration in the streets of south London. We aim to inspire the youth, no matter what endz you come from, we can all come together as one and create art and magic.

Dirty $outh aspires to bring communities together and to open the minds of people to different styles, cultures and music. We will always prompt the youth to follow their hearts and chase their dreams, as we ourselves have done.

“0920, remember your roots” stands for my postcode to the city in Sweden where I was born. I want my clothes to speak. I want them to tell a story. Remember your roots stands for always remembering what made you the person you are today. How you got here and always remembering why you are here today. Don’t never get lost in the sauce.

3.How did the whole thing come about with High Snobiety?

I was in the middle of moving houses one day and I receive a message from a friend saying “congratulations, well done!” with a picture of the brand being featured in high Snobiety. It was actually mad, I got so shocked and happy at the same time. It was fun. It’s nice to see that the hustle doesn’t go unnoticed. People see the effort me and my team are putting in and it feels good. Its motivating. Just makes me wanna work 10 times harder now.

4.Do you plan to work on a seasonal collection or on drops like supreme and palace?

Definitely, this is only the beginning. We just started in February so everything have gone really quick. But defo, Supreme and palace are two brands I’m looking up to.

5.Where do you see the brand in 2020?

I want to see us being able to drop clothes that are a mix between streetwear and high end fashion. Make unique pieces that all types of people can wear.

I want to expand the platform, right now it’s a lot London and some other cities in Europe but I want to get involved with the market in America, Japan and China too.

Also have shops in cities around the world.

You can pick up some Dirty South’s latest collection on sale now here

Photography Jonny Kaye @jk.pops

Author: Will