Dungarees and Overalls - The Resurgance

Workwear is in and Dungarees and Overalls are the latest item to rise out from this trend and boy are we excited about it. Some of the best outfits we have seen on the streets have been using dungarees to full effect and they really bring a splash of personality to the streets of Brighton (not that they need anymore!).

A photo by Gonzalo Arnaiz. unsplash.com/photos/Nd63Kscv2XI

All fashionable items have a staggered and interesting history so let’s start with the facts so you can get intimate with this iconic garment.  Firstly Dungaree is actually a fabric, different to denim but only very slightly. It was birthed in Dongri, India where the fabric was usually dyed blue and used by hands on workers and they called it Dungri. Slowly but surely this durable and effective fabric made its way across to the UK where they started using it for everything but mostly workers clothing in an overall shape. Of course the British love to put their own stamp on everything so they started calling the fabric Dungaree which swiftly led to the overall being named Dungarees. It wasn’t until the 1940s/50s that they started getting used for casual/fashionable where.

Street Dungaree
Then the funky 70s came along and dungarees became a smash hit and became very popular within the fashion world and on the streets and where moulded into the cool and functional garment with have today. Just need to take a moment to thank the 70s for sooo much stuff, what a great decade. As with most things from the 70s the Dungaree died out only to be resurrected in the 90s with the Grunge wave and once again it was on top form. Then the Dungaree took another brief rest and has now decided to come back to us in full force in all shapes and sizes and even moving away from it’s original fabric.

Today we are blessed to have a lot of variety with how the dungarees come but also how they can be worn. You can go straight t-shirt and dungaree, you can have them done up or let them hang, you can even get them as shorts. So get out get a pair that suit your style and experiment, we guarantee you will turn heads and have at least 5 outfit options from this one item alone. Be bold!

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