Winter is certainly upon us and unless you are a nutter you certainly need to wrap up warm, mainly so you don’t die. But no one ever said you can’t be stylish and express yourself whilst trying not to die, therefore Brighton Street Style have put together a list of Essential Winter Coats for all you boys and girls. We feel you really should have all the styles on this list to get the most out the looks you can have during winter but if you haven’t got any then you really need to be checking the recommendations so you can be sorted for plenty of cold winters to come.


Overcoat/Trench Coat

Every lovely lady should certainly have this staple. It gives you the timeless style you want from an investment piece and it will certainly protect you from the elements. The trend right now is to have it camel but the possibilities are endless so we say go with what colour you feel expresses who you are best and own it. Although mainly seen as a smarter coat there is nothing wrong with dressing this down with a hoodie or more casual clothing underneath.

Furry Coat

This has been a big player on the streets of Brighton this winter and we have been loving it, the reason being is they are bold and diverse so a great way of staying warm and getting your personality across. You can go all out with a big puffy fur coat or you keep it more subtle with a more slimline style. Check out the recommendations above but we really feel you would be best of heading to vintage shops. However please keep it Faux Fur we don’t want any animals getting hurt.

Statement Coat

The statement coat is for when your feeling load and proud but still want to keep warm and most likely give others a bit of warmth from seeing you owning it!



The classic and always stylish overcoat. The favored camel coat has held on strong for a few years now but there are other styles of Overcoat out there, single breast, double breasted and yes in different colours. These look great with a suit or even joggers, very diverse and good to battle the weather in.

Shearling/Borg Collar Coat

This one isn’t just for Del Boy anymore it has come back very strong this year and now with lot’s of variations, from denim to lumber jack styles they are really versatile too. Also they keep you right toasty and go with almost anything.

Wax Jacket

Finally for the men is the mighty British main stay that is the Wax Jacket. Perfect for those country walks or just getting about town. Now these jackets certainly keep the torturous weather out but are not known for being the warmest so we suggest a big jumper under them or a nice cozy gillet!


Author: Will