French Workers Jacket (Bleu De Travail)

Today we pay homage to an item of clothing that is seeing a big rise in the streets of Brighton but also in the Fashion world, the French Worker Jacket or Bleu De Travail or Frenchie Jacket. Whatever you like to call it, this piece of clothing heritage has worked from the ground up to become one of the must have items especially now these Autumn  months are upon us.

Let’s go on a little trip! Brighton Street Style are going to take you back to the late 1800s, you’re a lowly French worker and damn you need a jacket that is cheap, durable and practical and in walks the French Worker Jacket that gave you everything you needed. With plenty of big pockets, made out of cotton or moleskin that lasted pretty well and dyed in indigo which was very cheap in those days a style icon was born.

Picture from: enikamagistro

Fast forward a couple of hundred years and with the help of the workwear trend the French Workers Jacket can be seen everywhere. Someone who had a major part to play in the popularisation of this must have item was our hero and inspiration Bill Cunningham. Bill is the founding father of Street Style and we thank him everyday for that. The story goes that while in Paris he came across a stall selling Frenchie Jackets for $20, being the practical man he was he decided to buy the Jacket because of its big pockets. Bill then wore this everyday and took it back to New York where the whole fashion world could see him wearing it. As they say ‘the rest is history’!



Worker Jacket












How do you best wear this masterpiece then? Well at Brighton Street Style we think the best way is to put over some chinos and a shirt, for a really in look make the outfit all blue with different shades. You can also replace your Denim jacket it with it so you don’t have to go double denim. It’s your style at the end of the day all we know is that you need one of these Jackets this Autumn/Winter so get one and experiment.

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