Holly Isobelle

Brighton Street Style were invited to a special single launch gig by the amazing Holly Isobelle.

The place, The Prince Albert, the time Monday 10th April 2017, the event Holly Isobelle Single Launch Gig, the feeling, electric. The BSS boys arrived early to stake out the venue and treat ourselves to a quick drink. The Prince Albert, if you don’t know it, is right by the train station its a great all round pub with great drinks up for grabs and a moody room upstairs perfect for an intimate gig.

After our drink we headed upstairs for the Launch Gig and were graciously greeted with a free jelly shot, Holly certainly knows how to greet her fans! We entered the room and realised it was a really cool setting for this gig with low light and an up close stage so everyone in the room can get really involved. Quite quickly the room started to fill up and the first act of the night, Hayley Chillcott, took to the stage. She started to play her guitar and what happened next, I must be honest, shocked me. This girl can really sing! She played a great set of songs that really made her vocals and songwriting ability shine with some really intimate lyrics and a delivery that made you feel them, she is well worth checking out. Now it wouldn’t be Brighton Street Style if we didn’t talk about the clothes, she had a very Brighton look and was on trend with an awesome over-sized shirt and some skinny jeans, the look was on point and perfect for how she comes across on stage.

Next up we had Miles Goodall, this group were certainly a bit more lively and dare a say a bit more pop (but in a good way). Miles was the lead singer and keyboardist and he was backed up by an awesome female bassist, an energetic drummer and an electrifying lead guitarist, who was arguable the star of the show. They certainly got the crowd moving with their indie rock sound and also had some great banter in between songs. The band then leave the stage and leave Miles to deliver a profound and meaningful solo song that really showcased his vocal ability which is quite special. After this the band return and we are greeted with an up beat tune that has a fantastic guitar solo in. Onto the outfits, Miles was looking pretty slick with an OCBD shirt with nicely rolled up sleeves. The lead Guitarist went for an ironic and throwback Pierre Cardin jumper that certainly stood out.

 Then it was onto the main show Holly Isobelle and her band which consisted on 3 very cool guys, a bassist, guitarist and drummer. Holly was upfront and centre on keyboard and had a great stage presence. Holly certainly got the crowd moving and at this point the BSS boys were busting some moves as well. The songs were upbeat with a great indie pop sound and the guitarist brought some funky riffs to the table. Holly’s vocals were a highlight and she does a great job of fitting right into the pocket of the song. The lyrics were solid as well and Holly clearly gets behind them which is always good for the crowd. After going through some of her older songs Holly got to the main event of playing her new single ‘Remains of our Love’ which is out now on Amazon and you can catch the official video here. This song is catchy and certainly a tune to blast out over the coming summer months! 

Holly’s outfit for the night was certainly stand out, rocking a killer red jumpsuit that made sure she looked the part and a bit reminiscent of the 70s rock era. The band were also looking ultra cool as well in monochrome and the bassist particularly, rocking a bomber that all rockers should own.

Overall this was a great night and we were so pleased it went well for Holly as her music is fresh with a great Brighton feel to it and we think everyone should be listening to her so make sure you check out her new single ‘Remains of our Love’ on Amazon and watch the video here.

Author: Will