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How to look sharp casually  – Five casual tips for men who want to look sharp

All the style advice that you get from different webs are about suiting, expensive accessories and all; it is quite annoying, isn’t it? In this article today, I will provide you with the style tips that are totally casual, yet they will make you look totally sharp. Remember that the first impression is the last so follow these simple tips and make your first impression a memorable one.

Ditch the funky colours

You don’t always have to wear those funky, colourful shirts when dressing up casually. Try the t-shirts that are darker in colour, try all the things that look a little mature. Maturity is considered an attractive thing in men. It shows masculinity, and this is how it commands respect. So no more animal prints, sharp, bright colours, double shirt style and all that, say goodbye to all of them.

Give Up the Graphic Tees for a More Mature Look

Another thing that you should do to look sharp is to give up those graphic tees every other man is wearing these days. They are too common, and they make you look way too casual that the spark of sharpness fades away. Also, graphic tees are mostly associated with people who refuse to grow old, and this is a negative point, you must age wisely and accept it in a positive manner. I am sure you don’t want to be called as a grownup kid, do you? So follow this simple rule that I have stated above.

Shop for a perfect pair of jeans

When we say casual, there is no way that we can miss a pair of jeans. You should get a nice pair of jeans with a good fit; it is your best friend when it comes to dressing up casually and in a sharp way. Avoid getting a pair of baggy jeans; they make you look short and lumpy. Additionally, avoid the embellishments, by this I mean ditch those faded pants, the ones that are extra ripped and the ones with different prints.

Keep it simple

When dressing up for the casual occasions, try to keep everything simple. Remember that less is more so do not over accessories your clothes, keep it all light. Get all the basic pieces for this that includes, a good pair of jeans, a basic white button down shirt, a polo t-shirt in some earthy tone, a dark colored tee, a nice leather jacket and few other things. You can collect them over time and trust me; they are all you need the entire year.

Class up your footwear

The last but not the least, your look is not complete without shoes. So you must have a fantastic pair of shoes. It is the last thing you need and is the most important of them all when you talk about making an impression. Get a good pair of loafers in some basic color, brown or black.

I hope these tips will make you look sharper than ever. Have a good day!

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