Kimi Peri


Brighton Street Style Talks to Kimi Peri of Blackrush

(special guest post by Emilinalove)

The girl with mystery behind her eyes but the warmest smile.

She goes by name ‘The Black Rush’ or most commonly, Kimi Peri.
Kimi is from Germany and her love for British culture and underground fashion is immediately apparent on her beautifully crafted, Instagram theme.
Despite her ever expanding following of 335,000 Kimi is anything but intimidating. With a innocent outlook and the constant positivity she pushes in her captions, she serves to be raw but relatable. She tackles subject matters of self-confidence as well as the importance of loving your body! We need more influencers like her and with influencers growing more everyday, she’s set to expand herself as a brand as she considers moving to one of the fashion capitals.

Kimi Peri


It’s a cold and wet day in April typically and I find myself gazing out of the window, lusting after summer nights and hot weekends.

My phones pings.

It’s her.

Finish the sentence Kimi.. I remember when..
I remember being younger, I used to grab my mothers and sisters clothes and make up and create characters. Then surprised them jumping into the living room and dancing around like a happy wild child. I still do till this day, just thought I’d share it with you guys! <3

One thing you’d tell your older self?
One day, I promise, all these hard days of loneliness and pain will be worth it. It’s making you stronger every day for a reason.

I’m inspired by..
Everyone and everything around me. It can be a flower or the shape of a leaf, a sound or smell, movies and anime. People or happenings that awakes inspirational in me. It comes and goes though. I’m not really inspired by one specific person but I have to say my blogger community keeps pushing me!

My Top 3 brands are..
Sarah Thursday, Underground and Vii & Co. But seriously it’s super hard to decide since I love so much in it’s own unique way. The Ragged Priest, Monki and Killstar which I’d also like to mention.

What’s your top tips on gaining popularity on instagram?
Keep doing what you love! Be authentic, open and honest. Honesty is the key. Followed by self-confidence because nothing is better than a strong mind.


My favourite hang out is..
Every place which isn’t known to me. Exploring new cities and countries. This is what truly excites me.

My favourite piece in my wardrobe is.. Well that’s hard, but right now definitely my new Aquarius Hoodie from Sarah Thursday because it’s so dam comfy and I feel so protected in it. Also new latest platform addition is my tracker boots from the spring collection by T.U.K. I could literally sleep in them

Favourite film characters wardrobe?
I’m really inspired by anime to be honest. They all look so super cute in their school uniform (for example Megumin from Kono Subarashii)

What slogan do you live by?
It’s all fate. (It helps me get through a lot of situations. Like, when I miss my bus, I stay calm and imagine maybe it’s good I didn’t else something bad could have happened)
You may only have one life. But you can be a million different characters

Finally, what’s your goal in life?
Finding inner peace and the real Kimi in me back that I lost somewhere in my childhood. To lose my fear to travel around completely and to meet and to hug the people that make my life now worth living. Also help me see hope in society.

And Kimi, what do you love most about British style?
Well, it’s honestly a little bit hard to answer too as there comes so much up in my mind but I guess I love this whole Underground vibe of it. Wild, free, cultural. Underground London gave me a very important vibe when it comes to the English music, especially Creepers are my true love which are the main reason I love about the English fashion. Long Clothing has influenced me a lot as well at the beginning when I got more into London and England overall. The fashion there is just so mixed and open to any culture and I can see beauty throughout the whole history. Now speaking about designers like Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood with her punk elements.
So yea, Creepers, Plaid, Punk, the colorful culture and freedom I guess to cut it short. I hope that makes sense :’)
(If her instagram isn’t enough of a dose, you can also view her blog here)

Written by Emilinalove

Author: Will