London Fashion Week Men's 2018 - The Round Up

London Fashion Week Men’s 2018 – The Round Up

Brighton Street Style attended London Fashion Week Men’s for the first time this weekend and it was full of great style, great designs, great presentations and of course some absolute wally’s that come along with fashion but in all fairness they certainly were in the minority. We have already posted about the various shows we went to and shown you the street style along the way, but now we wanted to simply let you know what we got up to and our experience in general.

Day 1

There was heavy rain as I left to get the train up to London and I certainly thought the no socks and suede loafers might have been a mistake but the closer I got to London the more the sun came out and it was a clear sign from above it was going to be a good weekend. I headed to Covent Garden stress free and met with Jonny, who was already in London doing what he does best on a photoshoot, we bumped fists and worked out where we needed to go which was the Nigel Caborn presentation. We found the place with ease and had a right old nose around. The collection was cool and was great to visibly see where the inspiration came from with pictures all around the presentation of the wartime photographer Sean Flynn. The collection certainly would fit in well in Brighton with a strong workwear feel to it which is a big trend in the Brighton streets at the moment. After we had done our thing inside we stepped outside in the sun where we were greeted by people from Linda Farrow who wanted us to model some of their sunglasses for them, which we did and Jonny pulled his signature model pose out, I just felt like a wally.

Nigel Cabourn ss18 model 5

We decided to chill out after and popped off for a Chai Latte, gotta love a Chai Latte. After which we headed over to Temple for the Oliver Spencer Show and got the tube drastically wrong, but had plenty of time so no need to panic.
When we arrived there was a queue for the show before us so we decided to get some street style done and whilst doing so we ended up getting street styled ourselves and had a number of photographers around us which was pretty cool and it allowed us to have a chat with some other bloggers.
The time came for Oliver Spencer and to be honest what was shown was some really great stuff perfect for the spring/summer and stuff you could wear in real life.
At the end of the show we got out and spotted Oliver Cheshire and Jimmy Q and that led us to call it a day.
LFWM SS18 Street Style
Day 2
Day 2 saw us heading over to Shoreditch for the What We Wear Show by Tinie Tempah. We headed over to the Old Truman Brewery via Brick Lane and took in the usual offers of curry for a tenner. We manged to find the location of the presentation and once we got in it was clear something special was going on. It was a great atmosphere from the get go and as we walked in further we realised why, they had organised a basketball court at the show which was a really innovative way to show of the clothes and was just plain fun at the end of the day. We mingled and got some snaps of the line and Tinie Temper looking fresh in his own brand and of course treated ourselves to a free beer and carried on taking in the show which had a party feel to it. There was some awesome outfits around the presentation and a real mix of styles which was great to see at a more streetwear inspired show. The show was wrapping up so we got out early and decided to get some street style photos, because that’s what we do. After we finished up we went home via Box Pork to grab a Coqfighter Bao Bun becuase they are EPIC!
Day 3
Sunday was the KTZ show at the strand and we got up in good time to take in all the fashion and style that was floating around. The KTZ crowd certainly brought out the creative side of fashion and there certainly was some outlandish outfits floating around which pushed the boundaries. There was a big buzz around the show and the line certainly lived up to being one of the more creative brands in British fashion right now. There was some added excitement at the beginning of the show where a rowdy women was psychical thrown out kicking and screaming. After the show there was plenty of style to soak up so we decided to hang around and get some snaps. We got talking to some people from other blogs and hopefully we will do some stuff with them in the future. With that we ended what was an amazing weekend.
 LFWM SS18 Street Style
There certainly was a huge mix of styles and clothes on show but there was most definitely trends to spot and in all honesty they are trends we have been seeing in Brighton for around a year now. Streetwear was very prevalent with lot’s of high end stuff on show and often mixed with more formal wear to add a twist and put specific pieces on show. The other style that was hugely popular was workwear with lot’s of denim and worker jackets and some cool hats. Another thing to take away from the weekend from both the shows and the streets is that a more relaxed fit is certainly gaining ground so those skinny jeans may soon be replaced.
We have recommended some key pieces you might want to start adding to your wardrobe:



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