Model Spotlight – Noah Owie

Be yourself may sound like a cliché motto, but when it’s coming from runway model, Noah Owie, it is pure authenticity. When I interviewed Noah, he was sitting outside of his flat in Holland soaking up some rays while spending time with his girlfriend. Since starting his modeling career, just under a year ago, he has landed on the runway of Marcelo Burlon Country Spring 2018 and Yoshio Kubo 2018 SS in Milan and has spent time in Paris among other fashion capital cities.

Noah is only 18 years old, yet he has an outlook on life which makes it seem as though he has wisdom of a person who has been around for a century. His demeanor is fully unfazed by others opinions whether positive or negative. His main focus is to be his own creative inspiration and to always have a good time. Although Noah has found himself in this industry simply by chance, he has managed to assimilate to the culture quickly.

We talk about who his dream job would be booked with, the best piece of advice he has ever gotten and what his current goals are. But before we get into all that, I ask him to share some fun facts about himself!

What’s your Zodiac Sign?: Fish (a.k.a Pisces)
What’s your favorite food?: Wraps or tortillas
What’s your favorite color?: I don’t really have one, uh, the things I wear are normally black


Roxelana – Something I wouldn’t guess by just looking at you:

Noah – “I wear nail polish and used to be bullied a lot when I was younger and now I just don’t give a f%&! about what people think about me. I don’t want to do anything I don’t like because I have one life and I’m not going to f%&! that up.”

Roxelana – So how did you get into modeling?

Noah – “When I got started I was with another agency I’m with now. In Holland I’m with New Generation and in Milan I’m with Brave and before that I was with Men Folk [when they] just got started. I got scouted when I was teaching skateboarding [at] the skate park I worked at. The mom of the kid I was teaching was like the big boss of the agency. So I started there and I did some jobs for brands in Holland. So this other agency where I’m at now [New Generation] they sent me an email like [if] you want to join our agency come by any time.”

Roxelana – Was modeling a goal for you?

Noah – “Nah, like not at all. My mom always told me ‘ah you should be a model’ but I’m like yea you’re my mom of course you’re going to say that. So I was always like, if it comes to me, I’ll do it.”

Roxelana – Is it harsher for a female model vs a male model?

Noah – “Yea I think so. Every girl has to go to the gym, every girl has to diet, and like all the guys it’s not the same. Like some guys go to the gym, but they still eat junk food and it’s okay because they can be a little bit bigger. I think with women there is like more specific s&%$ they have to do and they have to look like. The standard is not that good for the girls. There are some girls who will starve themselves to look skinny and I don’t support that. The rest of the world is the same, only the standards are different, I think.”


Roxelana – Who is your role model?

Noah – “I don’t really have one. I’m really just trying to do my own thing and not be inspired by others. There are people I look up to but not that they inspire me to do what they do.”

Roxelana – What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Noah – “Don’t stress.”

Roxelana – What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into this industry?

Noah – “Be yourself. You’re way more interesting if you be yourself; instead of being someone [who] they already have 10 of. There are so many people that look alike and are just a hanger and if you’re like someone interesting and people like you that’s the best thing. Because then you do good because people are going to remember you because you’re not the same as everyone else.”

Roxelana – Who is your dream client?

Noah – “If I could walk for Off White or Fairmont. Rick Owens, like I think Rick Owens would be like the shit, if I do that I would be crying probably.”

Starting off in Amsterdam to now walking major runways in Milan, Noah without a doubt a unique force in the globalized world of modeling. He aspires to have his own gender neutral clothing brand and to one day live in Paris.

Interview by Roxelana Trinidad

You can  follow Noah on IG @noahowie

Photography Jonny Kaye