Nigel Cabourn - SS18

Brighton Street Style @ Nigel Cabourn SS18 – LFWM 

We were lucky enough to be invited to Nigel Cabourn’s presentation, “Whatever Happened to Sean Flynn?”, and it was certainly insightful and quite exciting to see what this veteran designer was going to come up with. The presentation was for a Men, Women and Unisex line.

Nigel Cabourn ss18 model 5

Upon arrival we were gracefully greeted and offered free drinks from a retro fridge at the back, bonus. We were earlier so we had a good chance to look at the line and see what it was all about. With the presentation being inspired by wartime photographer and star of the 60s Sean Flynn you could predict there would be a military twist to the line and there certainly was.

Nigel Cabourn ss18 model 3

The line was full of a mix of casual shorts, jackets, cargo pants, overalls and sweats all in khaki, greens, yellows, blues and camo. The models were showing off the line and we particularly liked the all in one military overall that was on show and the full on army cargo jacket and trousers.

Nigel Cabourn ss18 Model 2

This being Nigel Cabourn’s 50th anniversary in the fashion industry he has celebrated it in style by celebrating an old friend, Sean Flynn, and further forwarding the rising workwear trend in fashion right now, something we have been seeing in Brighton for a round a year now. It does beg the question who is ahead of the curve the designers or Brighton?

Nigel Cabourn ss18 model 4

Ben Fogle and Nigel Cabourn

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