Our Online Vintage Shop is now online and powered by Etsy so it’s easy for you lovely Brightonista’s to get a chance to buy our favourite Vintage items.

Obviously this is predominantly going to be the coolest vintage clothing we find on our travels however we will be offering up vintage clothing and even furniture so you can keep your ears and house cool as well! Also if you have any items that you would like us to source direct for you then please leave a comment or feel free to contact us at theteam@brightonstreetstyle.com and we will be happy to search around for you.

We will aim to keep stock up but we have already had plenty of orders so get in quick.

The shop will be stocked with classic items and items that are starting to become a trend so you can keep ahead but we are also happy to try and stock what you guys want so be sure to reach out and let us know.

Here is some inspiration before you go shopping!

Street Style - Beanie CoupleStreet Style - Winter Fur

Go to the ‘Vintage Shop’ tab on our site of click here.

Author: Will