Photographer Highlight – GiGi Fox

We caught up we the amazing Brighton based photographer GiGi Fox to talk Photography, Brighton, Fashion and her top tips. She gives some great insights and ideas that we are really excited to share with you.

BS Magazine: Hey Gigi 

Gigi: Heeey

BS Magazine: Hows life at the seaside?

Gigi: I feel like my life is in London . Due to all the weekend travels and shoots that I mainly do in London makes me feel like I already live there, however I don’t have big plans on moving there anytime soon . I think I would miss the sea, less manic and hectic city life and people 🙂

BS Magazine: Do you think Brighton has potential to grow and become more of a hub artists based in the fashion industry?

Gigi: Yes! I believe Brighton has very good potential in regards of the fashion, creative and art scene.
I am surprised there’s no modelling agencies here yet!! (well I believe there’s one but most of the people never heard of it) As most of the modelling agencies in London come scout for models in Brighton. In fact me being a scout for Wilhelmina Models I do scout here sometimes too.
I really hope that very soon there will be an agency that will be managing all of the local models. Brighton also has quite a few good photographers, designers and makeup / hair people .


BS Magazine: How would you describe your work?

Gigi: In regards of my work I wouldn’t even know how to describe me 🙂 I would like to think that I am quite flexible when it comes to photography but you gotta be focused on one area if you really wanna become good at it.
Mine probably be fashion / editorial . I have a couple of different styles in editing more commercial and editorial stuff .
I am often getting compliments in regarding of my use of light that usually brings so much warmth in my images, and answer to that is very simple … London is very grey ..that is amazing for editorials to bring out the mood but for commercial work its a struggle so I’m always trying to bring that little extra warmth.
Or maybe I am just missing LA ? hahaha

BS Magazine: Talking to you briefly I can tell you’ve got big plans for the futures with moving to LA to pursue the American dream. Do you feel there’s more of a buzz around the fashion culture in LA?

Gigi: Buzz in LA? I guess its because it’s a playground for a photographer like me…. the land is massive and sooo amazing with different locations and the one main thing is – how amazing the light is!!!!! Its me all over it.
I love the beautiful beaches and all outdoor activities! Had a chance to work with brands like Volcom stone and have lined up a shoot with Roxy, shooting their surf girls.
I believe LA is a great place for commercial work, some editorials too, being surrounded by film industry Hollywood is another big scene for a photographer.

BS Magazine: Just one more questions if you don’t mind?

Gigi: Yeah Sure

BS Magazine: At BS magazine we give a platform to rising artists and entrepreneurs in the industry. Our focus is to pass on advice to people just starting out. What advice would you offer to a photographer who wanted to take a path in portrait fashion and editorial photography?

Gigi: My one and only piece of advice would be “Shoot as often as you can !”, that’s the only way to success .
The more you shoot the quicker you improve and discover your style.

Try to keep your work as consistent as you can! I have also noticed there is a lot of photographer’s that are only after money or they had their camera for couple of months and immediately think that they should get paid or are annoyed that they don’t get paid offers. Firstly you will never succeed as a fashion photographer if you think that way, you have to stop right there.
You gotta invest crazy amounts of hours shooting before you get paid for it, you must love it before anything else.
Even though I am now a fairly paid photographer, I am still doing free shoots here and there, you just gotta learn how to juggle it.
Also have a very thick skin! The Fashion world is cruel and competition is big, but it all depends on how much you want it and how much effort you put in to it. Trust me that all shows 🙂

Photography by @ggphotographyofficial

Model: Madison Tabeek from NEXT Models LA


Author: Will