Retro King and Queen

Street Style in Brighton – Retro King and Queen

Retro is a huge trend in Brighton right now (check our Trend of Month)and it is getting bigger and bigger which means it will be spreading across the UK a lot more as well. These 2 nail their looks managing to look cool in moderns terms but encompassing that retro look. The woman’s outfit is more 50s style and the guys is straight up 70s but they look great together, so guys do your home work, look up the looks from the 50s and 70s, find what you like and get some clothes. Your best bet would be to get into your local thrift shops or places like Etsy if your a guy, if your a girl you have a lot more option so can look around anywhere to find retroesque (yes I made that word up) clothes. What do you guys think of the Retro trend? Leave a comment below!

Brighton Street Style Recommends (Women):

Brighton Street Style Recommends (Men):

70s Style Suit – Etsy UK

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