Mens Wardrobe Essentials


Wardrobe Essentials for Men

White Tee

The White Tee is the base of many a great outfit and should be in every mans wardrobe. You can wear it on its own or use it as a layering piece either way this piece is an absolute must have. But please remember it is not just a white t-shirt, shop around and make sure you get one the fits you perfect. So that’s snug around the shoulders and arms and long enough to cover your waist. Don’t bother with these short scoop neck things! Sunspel are the best quality around but for a cheaper option Uni-qlo are also great.

Indigo Jeans

Indigo Jeans that fit perfect go with anything and everything so of course they are in the wardrobe essentials. The most important thing is the fit, not too loose round the ankle and not too baggy round the legs, you don’t want them sprayed on but also you don’t want them drowning you. We recommend going somewhere like M&S and get measured up and then check the sizes on the label. Once you have the fit down the world is you oyster, keep it casual with just a white tee or smarten it up with a shirt and blazer anything goes apart from maybe black!


The Oxford Clothe Button Down is the king of shirts and extremely versatile so is of course a must have. The shirt is durable, warm but also cool in the summer and can be worn on its own or as layering piece. It looks just as good in a more causal look as well as in a smart look so its great to experiment with! Grab you indigo Jeans and where your OCBD with a tie or just try it over your white tee. Above are some examples but defo check out what they have going on at Uniqlo, they are great value for money.

Navy Suit

Whatever your style whether you are a suit guy or not, all men should own a well fitted Navy Suit.  Perfect for big occasions, work or even out and about. The key with a suit is the fit so please go get measured up! There is nothing worse than seeing a guy drowning in suit. Make sure the blazer is snug round the shoulders, and the arms aren’t too long and keep the trousers slim and around ankle length. Owning the whole suit means you can split it and use the trousers on their own maybe with the white tee or the blazer on its own with the indigo jeans and your new favourite OCBD.

Plain Trainers

By plain we don’t mean boring! This are trainers that are smooth calm and collected but also with enough style stand out. The plain trainer is an essential because they go with everything! Even your Navy Suit. Now plain white is much more versatile but we say you can steez it out with whatever colour you want, let you personality shine.

Smart Shoes

Smart Shoes aren’t just for suits, they go just as well with jeans or even shorts so they are a must have. They can be the center piece to an outfit if you go loud with them or if you go classic they can pull the outfit together. Remember the old time saying ‘A man can be judged by his shoes’, its true they can really make or break an outfit. If you stick to the styles recommended above you can’t go wrong,

Statement Item

Now this item is completely down to you, the above are the foundation and the statement item is there for you to get your personality across and do what you want with. So we so go crazy and take risks!

Author: Will