What Should I Wear To A Wedding?

What Should I wear to a wedding?

What Should I Wear To A Wedding? – Brighton Street Styles Guide for Women

We recently done a wedding outfit idea for men post so we wanted to try and help and support you lovely lady Brightonistas make sure you look and feel great too at that wedding you need to go to and desperately need a killer outfit for.

Now for men they pretty much know they are wearing a suit, the tough part for them is getting it right. For ladies, you know much more about fit then us lowly men so you are good in that area but you have a stupid amount of clothing options to select from, which is where your struggle comes in.

Never fear Brighton Street Style are here to support you and we have narrowed down your options to a few outfit ideas to cut out the headache and speed things up for you.

Weddings are always great to go to and the day is usually amazing, but let’s face it your mates are usually far too organised and you got your invite to their wedding a year ago and to be honest you completely forgot about it until someone mentioned “what are you wearing to Sophie and Henry’s wedding?”. “F*ck”, is what you think, but never worry Brighton Street Style are hear to help. We know it’s the Bride’s special day but we want you to look and feel amazing too, come on let’s admit it, it’s a chance for you to show off as well really. The first factor we need to look at is the weather, is it winter, is it summer, or is it maybe abroad don’t worry we can help you out for all of them. We have handpicked three different outfit ideas that you should wear to a wedding, which style is down to your personal style and taste and what you think you will look best in, but if you stick to our selections then you will feel like the belle of the ball. Now as a wedding guest there are certain rules for you lady’s, number one don’t upstage the bride and number two don’t wear white, we have taken these into consideration for our selections.


Wedding Guest Dress

The first place to explore is clearly the world of dresses. Now there are many varieties of dresses that can be worn but BSS feel that only these four types should be worn as a guest at a wedding: The pencil dress, the midi dress, the maxi dress and the off shoulder.

Paper Dolls – Crochet Lace Bardot Dress – £62 – very.co.uk 
This amazing Coral lace dress is perfect for the wedding abroad or summer wedding, pair with some gold shoes to keep the colourway going and you will be on point.

Asos – Stripe Debutante Dress – £60 – asos.com
For our off the shoulder option Asos have nailed it with this versatile and gorgeous debutante dress. Perfect for the summer wedding and a dress that will certainly bring eyes to you, it’s shape is quite unique and we can image dancing in this would be fun!

Reiss – Haddi Soft Apricot Dress – £195 – reiss.com
This slimmer dress is the perfect all rounder, whatever the season and whatever style of wedding this dress will stand out. It is a bit more price but it’s Reiss so you know the quality is amazing and you should really see this dress as an investment.

Reiss – Adria High Neck Maxi Dress – £250 – reiss.com
Now if you want to go for timeless elegance then this is your dress, perfect way to stand out at a winter wedding but can also been worn during the warmer months. If you want that sophistication with no effort look the Adria High Neck Maxi is all you need.

Top and Skirt

Wedding Guest Skirt

The next stop is the classic top and skirt look clearly more ideal for a summer or abroad wedding and to be honest done in the right way can be a clear stand out. Plus with this option you don’t have the hassle of always adjusting your dress, so you can dance the night away care free.

ASOS –  ASOS Prom Skirt with Tropical Jacquard Print – £60 – asos.com
ASOS – High Neck Satin Bralet with Open Back – £22 – asos.com
We love this skirt, it’s fun but also classic at the same time, its brings a retro feel with a modern twist and paired with this satin top gives you a comfortable and elegant outfit.

Little Mitress – Organza Jacquard Skirt – £55 – very.co.uk
Miss Selfridge – Lemon Lace Bardot Top – £25 – missselfridge.com
Another light skirt here paired with a lemon lace top is perfect for that wedding that’s abroad in the warmer climates, think Lake Como or South of France.

Reiss – Enis Slit Front Midi Skirt – £80 (sale) – reiss.com
Missguided – Black Croshet Lace Top – £25 – missguided.co.uk
If you are looking to turn heads and want to feel like a boss then this is the outfit for you. It’s a power play but if you wear this with confidence you will be the stand out. Perfect for your ex’s wedding!

The Jumpsuit

Wedding Guest Jumpsuit

The final idea we want to throw into the mix, is something that has been a rising trend of late and that is the jumpsuit. If you get the right jumpsuit it can look extremely sophisticated and a real head turner. Throw a nice jacket over your shoulders and you’re down to drop some jaws!

ASOS – Bandeau Jumpsuit with Ruffle – £60 – asos.com
This is retro, modern, dressy and fun all in one and is perfect for the more extrovert of our readers. This was made to stand out and push things forward, so if you you’re the one in the centre of the dance floor most of the night this is the outfit for you.

Myleene Klass – Ruffle Lace Wide Leg Jumpsuit – £80 – very.co.uk
This is perfect for that winter wedding that you need to look ‘klassy’ for (sorry we had to). This Jumpsuit brings a great twist with the lace and ruffled top half.

Neon Rose – Tie Front Bandeau Jumpsuit – £40 – very.co.uk
So you have that wedding abroad or even by the UK but by the sea, this is your choice, playful light and sophisticated all in one.

Well there you have it! We hope we have answered your question, ‘What should I wear to a wedding?’ More importantly we hope we have made your life easier given you some inspiration and put you on the way to looking and feeling your best self at that wedding that is just around the corner.

Please help spread the love and share this around with anyone you know who has a wedding to go to round the corner.

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